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Our Services

Driving Lessons, Driver Training, Education Courses | United Driving School

We are located in Edmonton and Calgary Alberta,United driving School is a best leading school in driving industry to train and educate new drivers and new comers to Alberta. To become a safe and confident driver you need to meet these basic requirements such as knowledge, practice with proper safe driving techniques will lead you towards skill and a positive attitude all the time whenever you are behind the wheel.With our highly trained instructors, United Driving School will develop you into a confident and safe driver. Our quality services are available at competitive prices with certified instructor and cars. Free pickup and drop off service with in city. We offer our services seven days a week.

1- Knowledge (Education)

The most important thing is your knowledge about traffic and highways rules and Laws in Edmonton, Alberta; we have Federal laws, Provincial laws and city laws which governs the transportation industry. Our Driver Education Course (In-class 15 Hours) is covering the all applicable driving rules, laws, safe driving techniques, which helps the students to be a safe and pro active driver. Our course curriculum is approved by Alberta Transportation.

2- In-Vehicle Training

Once you have proper knowledge about driving rules and regulation then it’s good to start driving practice under the supervision of an experienced driver (In Alberta minimum requirement is Class 5 Non GDL Licence) here at united driving school our instructors are professional, passionate, friendly and certified by Alberta Transportation. We not only teach how to drive? We teach how to be a safe and confident driver in all weathers.

If you are looking to reduce your insurance premium choose our any certification course, upon completion of in-class 15 hours and in-vehicle training (minimum 10 Hours) for class 7 Learner and class 5 GDL licence you will be eligible to obtain the certificate. This certificate is recognised by all insurance companies in Alberta.

Our courses are designed to meet your all driving needs either you are new driver first time sitting behind the wheel, nervous or want to improve your driving skills, we are here to help you to keep our city safe and collision free.

Certification Courses

At United Driving School, we offer different types of Alberta Transportation approved Certification courses.

Our Certification Courses are recognized by all Insurance providers which help our students in acquiring vehicle insurance on reduced rates.

We also offer Online Course which gives you the opportunity of learning from the comfort of your own home.



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